Guitarist and recording artist Chris Bandusky was born and raised in the San Diego, California area. He began his musical training behind an alto saxophone and a trumpet at the age of seven. After becoming an accomplished musician in the school band he had developed a deep desire to pursue the guitar. When he was twelve he received his first guitar as a Christmas gift, this instrument planted the seeds that would become the guitarist we know today.

Chris continued to hone his craft, playing in projects throughout high school, until starting out in his first serious band at the age of 18. At the age of 22, international RCA recording artist Trik Turner hired Chris as their lead guitarist. Over the next four years, he toured, wrote, and recorded with them, which developed his playing skills and allowed him to gather valuable life and guitar experience.

During this time, Chris also earned a double Bachelors’ degree from Arizona State University; receiving degrees in Business and in Music. His dominance in Music Theory allowed him to tutor others while continuing to excel at his own classwork. Chris believes that there are three facets to life and music and he strives to mold all three; theoretical, spiritual and physical states when he performs. Being whole in all three states is when one is at their best, and this philosophy has allowed Chris to enhance his playing style and sound.

Chris has had the privilege of performing with a wide range of acts covering many different musical genres. He has played guitar for multiple country acts including an artist featured on both American Idol and The Voice. In addition, he has played for an R&B act which included auditions for Beyonce Knowles’ producers and label. These credentials have attracted many well known musical companies which in return have endorsed and helped support Chris as an artist. Here is a link recently submitted by Celestion Speakers of an original instrumental that Chris wrote and performed:

Chris has worked diligently to build a solid reputation within the music industry. He is recognized as an extremely talented musician who prides himself on his work ethic and professionalism. Many experts in Nashville and other musical cities rely on Chris’ unique talents for both recorded and live performance needs. Chris always maintains a consistent, upbeat and positive attitude no matter what the circumstance. His character is strong and enduring, and he always carries himself in a professional manner. These qualities continue to set Chris Bandusky apart as one of today’s most sought after guitarists.

"A vision is merely a dream without action. It's the hustle, the grind, the determination that makes it a reality."